Industrial and Commercial Scales

Coventry Scale Company Ltd is an independent weighing machine company, specialising in commercial and industrial scales. Having been established since 1975, we have founded strong links with all leading manufacturers.
Coventry Scale is a supplier of all weighing scales and systems, Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Digital Displays and Verification / Calibration Systems. Coventry Scale has demonstrated steady growth and built a solid reputation as a load cell and weighing scale provider.
Although our expertise in load cells and weighing scale applies to many industries, our product line and custom manufacturing ability is focused in the following industries: retail, medical, gas/oil industry, all light and heavy industrial applications as we supply all types of weighing scales from an analytical balance to a weighbridge, loads cells including low profile load cells, single point load cells, miniature load cells, shear beam load cells, load cell accessories, S type load cells and column load cells.

Working with manufacturers of various sizes, we have established a solution methodology that works for our customers no matter how large or small. We offer personal interaction and support while adhering to the professionalism and service that our customers require.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to improving our quality and to bringing you complete weighing and load cell/ sensor solutions from design conceptions to application. By establishing closer ties with our partners throughout the globe we can offer cost effective measurements while bringing you a quality product that you can rely on.

Whether require a standard product, or have need to modify an existing product Coventry Scale Company Ltd can provide the solution!