Wheel & Axle Weighing Systems

Coventry Scale Company are one of the largest independent suppliers of Dini Argeo portable weigh pads. The WWS series of axle weigh pads are designed to weigh vehicles of any size, quickly and easily. A set of two Dini Argeo weigh pads can be used to weigh a vehicle, one axle at a time. Our weight indicator will accumulate the weight of each axle to provide a report of the each individual wheel, each axle and the total sum. This process can be set to both static and dynamic axle weighing, where you can simply drive your vehicle over the pads.

Axle Weighing

We offer both cabled and wireless weigh pads in a variety of platform sizes and capacities, to cater for every type of vehicle. There is also a choice of weight indicator to meet your requirement, the DFWKRP will display the wheel, axle and total vehicle weights along with a simple print out. The 3590ETKR is completely customisable, you can store your customer database, product database and vehicle database. This indicator is very popular with vehicle modification engineers due to the centre of gravity feature.

If you have any question regarding axel weighing, contact our support team today.

Coventry Scale Company also supply a permanent fixed axle scale, along with the UK’s only mobile weighbridge.