BX24 Digital Weighing Terminal

The OIML approved BX24 is the go-to indicator for all your weighing tasks. Highly accuracy and reliable with an IP67 stainless steel housing it covers all weighing bases at a highly affordable price. From check-weighing with it’s colour changing screen and 500 stored target weights, label printing with it’s easy to use label design software (see a demo in the videos section), counting, digital fill control and animal/dynamic weighing, the BX24 is the complete weight indicator for all your weighing needs.

  • OIML Approved for Single or Multi Range
  • Designed for scale engineers by scale engineers. Powerful setup and diagnostic features  with live mV readings, peak loads, history, logs, built in hardware tests etc
  • eCal for calibration with or without weights
  • IP67 stainless steel housing with alphanumeric keypad
  • Colour changing display for checkweighing and Bargraph for tracking gross weight
  • Multi operation modes including Checkweighing, Filling, Labelling Totalising, Counting, Livestock / In-motion
  • 2 alphanumeric IDs  with 500 item memory and preset tares
  • 2 x RS232/ RS485 and 1 USB port as standard
  • Analogue Output (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V) (Optional)
  • Time and Date
  • Free PC Software for easy Setup, Calibration and Label Design
  • Load labels forms from standard printer design software with 1 click


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The BX24 Digital Weighing Terminal is an accurate, multifunctional weighing terminal which can be used in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial areas. The terminal has configurable operating modes for common weighing applications such as weighing, labelling, piece counting, checkweighing, classifying, dynamic weighing and filling.

Depending on the application, 3 programmable keys can be set to related functions for quick and easy operation.
The instrument has 6 memories; ID1 & ID2, preset tare, APW and item limit values; each has 500 records capacity. IDs can be linked to other memory records for fast, easy and reliable operation; when an ID is selected, depending on the operation mode item limit values, specific tare or APW values comes automatically.

The BX24 Digital Weighing Terminal  offers direct connection to remote display, PC and PLCs via various data protocols such as demand, continuous form and BSI command set.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel, IP67 protected for wet, hygienic and harsh areas
  • Color changing display, SmartBar 16 digit alphanumeric info line,
  • ID1, ID2, PT, item limit values, APW memories; each 500 items record
  • Automatic memory linkage to IDs

High Technology and Performance:

  • High resolution scales up to 999 999 display resolution
  • Up to 800 conversion per second
  • Application based smart bars
  • Changing color for prompting
  • High capacity tank scales supported by eCAL electronic calibration

Typical Applications:

  • Weighing and data collection
  • Customized labelling with barcode
  • Counting by sample & APW memory
  • Livestock and dynamic weighing with strong filtering algorithm
  • Checkweighing, classifying & filling
  • Specific tare entry requirement

Interfaces & Communication:

  • Printing via key, digital input and serial port
  • Continuous data output
  • BSI command set for master slave communication
  • 2 opto isolated RS232C and RS485 serial ports are standard
  • Mini USB port

Options Extras Available:

  • 12-24VDC
  • Alibi Memory
  • Digital I/O – 4 inputs/5 outputs
  • Analogue Output inc.

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