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Prepared by famous maitre chocolatier Davide Comaschi, director of the Milan Chocolate Academy Center, the world’s largest Panettone (Italy’s traditional Christmas cake) weighs 332.2 kg, with a diameter of 115 cm and a height of a meter and a half!
The ceremony was held on December 16th in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.


A hundred hours of work

  • More than 50 kg of flour, 40 kg of butter, 30 kg of dark chocolate and 18000 eggs!
    Creating the Panettone was a very hard challenge for the confectioner team from the Milan Chocolate Academy Centre.
  • During the ceremony, the spectators were given a slice of the confectionary masterpiece.

Visible weight at long distance

  • The approved weighing solution, fully battery powered, was consisted of a double front/back configuration of GLR100 repeaters, connected in RS485 to a 3590EGT8 and a 600kg ETB platform.
  • Taking advantage of the traffic light feature, it was possible to switch the color of the weight from RED to GREEN when the previous record was beaten.

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