Counting Scale Hire

Parts Counting Scale Hire

We stock a wide range of parts counting scales available for both short term and long term hire. These scales can assist with your stock taking, inventory control and general use. Our selection of standalone counting scales range from light capacity precision balances, bench type counting scales up to 30kg and mid-range floor scales up to 300kg. All of our hire scales are supplied fully calibrated and with clear user friendly instructions. 

We also have duel platform scales with capacities of up to 5000kg in stock.  Duel scales can operate as a small sample scale that can take an accurate sample of small parts, and as a larger platform scale that will take the weight of a full stillage or pallet.  The user places a sample of 5-20 parts on to the small scale, inputs the amount through the numeric keyboard and then transfers to the large 1200mm x 1200mm platform scale to calculate the total count of parts. 

We have parts counting scales available for hire in the following capacities:

Light capacity precision counting scales

320g x 0.001

3600g x 0.01g

12000g x 0.1g

Mid-range bench counting scales

3kg x 0.05g

6kg x 0.1g

15kg x 0.2g

30kg x 0.5g 

Duel counting scales with large platform

Sample Scale Capacity – 15kg x 1g 

Large 1200mm x 1200mm Platform Capacity

1500kg x 0.2kg

3000kg x 0.5kg

5000kg x 1kg 

If you need any advice or further information on any of our parts counting scales and systems then please give us a call for a quotation.