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ScaleApp: Manage your Dini Argeo weighing scales directly from your smartphone or tablet.

S/L Name:

Manage your Dini Argeo weighing scales directly from your Android smartphone or tablet.

The most intelligent and economic solution for simplifying your daily tasks with Dini Argeo weighing scales.

Product Description


  • Read net, gross and tare
  • Run a simple or pre-set tare and store 3 known tares
  • Save all weights, totals and see immediately the total
  • Enter text or codes to identify each weighing
  • Share on-line recorded data


  • Network sharing of the weight data via WIFI.
  • Internet sharing of the weight data.
  • File transfer via USB, SMS, E-MAIL, or server FTP.
  • Management of approved scales.
  • Communication with the scale through Internet via VPN connection to the company network, and to the scale connected to the network via WIFI module.


  • Display 3,2” or greater.
  • Android version 2.3 or greater (4.0 suggested).
  • WIFI or Bluetooth connection for communication with the scale.

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