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iDimension SS is a robust, dynamic application for managing scan data captured by iDimension Dimensioning Solutions to provide a complete solution.


iDimension SS Integration Software‎ from Rice Lake‏‏‎‎‏‏‎

iDimension SS is a robust, dynamic application for managing scan data captured by iDimension dimensioning solutions to provide a complete solution.

Scan data, including dimensions, images, weights & bar codes, can be stored locally and custom data export features allow easy and automatic export for use with the of WMS, TMS and shipping software solutions.

Use iDim SS as a standalone data management solution or integrate via the REST API or customizable data export features for all iDimension Series devices installed on your network.

  • Real-time data access and triggering via REST API Swagger API development toolkit included
  • Supported peripherals include bar code scanners and label printers
  • Measurement database – configurable for capturing and transferring:
    • Identification #, i.e. Pro or sales order number
    • Dimensions L × W × H
    • Scale or manual keyboard entry weight
    • Volume
    • Three configurable user fields
    • Color high resolution images
    • Bounding box images
    • Volumetric conversion
    • Email notification alerts
    • Error logging
  • Digital remote I/O configuration for use with PLCs
  • Shipping method analyser for girth and volume analysis thresholds in conjunction with the iDimension SS real-time display desktop application
  • Local data storage
  • Automatic data export, options include FTP and SMB, configurable
  • Data export, including image format composition and annotations available in data export provides output in CSV, JSON, XML and TXT file formats
  • QR code display for alternate input into MRP, TMS and WMS systems
  • Error logging with high resolution image capture
  • Role-based security model protects data and prevents unwanted configuration changes
  • Comprehensive application log files available to download
  • Backwards compatibility with other common pallet dimensioning solutions
  • Forklift database for use with iDimension LTL Stop & Go
  • Create a single forklift database when only one iDimension LTL is added within the iDimension SS

SQLite database maximum size capabilities is dependent upon file system type.

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