Jewellery and Gold Scales

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    PJX Carat Series Trade Approved

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Jewellery and gold scales are essential in order to weigh precious metals, stones and gems. All the jewellery and gold scales in the Coventry Scale range will provide jewellers, businesses and individuals will accurate weights and measurements. Our wide range of jewellery scales come with internal calibration and are trade approved. For people who regularly buy and sell gold and other precious metals, having reliable and accurate jewellery scales will ensure the value of items can be calculated accurately. The collection of gold scales available at Coventry Scale can provide a wide range of unit measurements including but not limited to carat, milligram, gram and ounce. (View individual scales from specific units of measurements available).

Jewellery Scales

Gold scales are ideal for people working in such industries as banks, jewellers, antiques and jewellery production.

Showing 13–13 of 13 results