Dynamic Inline Checkweighing

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Dynamic High Speed Inline Checkweighing Systems for Prepackaged Goods

Coventry Scale company offer a range of dynamic inline check weigher scales designed to weigh prepackaged products at high speed.  Each of the DLW series of dynamic checkweighers are built to a high standard using only the finest quality components and materials.  Each machine is built to order and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the customers environment and the type of products that will be weighed. The DLW series checkweigher will provide your business with a fast, effective and reliable service and offers a like for like alternative to other market leaders at a more realistic price.

  • Our range of inline checkweighers can weigh the majority of prepacked goods including bags, boxes, cartons, bottles and trays.
  • Custom built design combined with air jet or pusher rejection system and optional metal detector.
  • User-friendly touch screen display with multi language support.
  • Simple operation with easy cleaning and removal of conveyor and drive belts.

The DLWPRO high speed inline checkweigher is the ideal solution for weighing and checking every package on your production line. Suitable for the dynamic checkweighing of packaged products, both for internal factory use and MID approved, with full lot control and statistical reports for production supervision. Developed on a PC with Windows® operating system, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use thanks to the use of the Touch-Screen operator interface. Built in stainless steel AISI304, with IP65 protection rating.

The standard DLWPRO checkweigher with integrated Ceia inline metal detector.  Ceia metal detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in industrial products with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest Quality Control Standards.

The new DLW automatic inline checkweigher from Coventry Scale company is the latest addition to our already extensive range of both static and dynamic check weighing machines.  Using the hugely popular CPWE weight indicator, the DLW is capable of storing up to 1000 products in its database with three tollerance settings per product. The DLW is available in capacities of 6kg to 30kg with accuracy from 2g.

Three Belt System
The DLWPRO and DLWPROM series of automatic checkweighing machines all use a three belt system to transport products along the conveyor, each belt performs a specific role in ensuring each product is weighed with high accuracy and any out of tolerance products are rejected.

  • Infeed Belt Conveyor – Required to increase or decrease the speed of the prepackaged product before it reaches the weigh belt.
  • Weigh Belt Conveyor – Typically mounted above a high precision load cell used to dynamically weigh each product at high speed.
  • Rejection Belt Conveyor – Products that are out of permitted tolerances are rejected using either an air jet or pneumatic pusher rejection system

Data Acquisition
It is a legal requirement that any data collected from a checkweigher must be archived and available for inspection at any time.  Both the DLWPRO and DLWPROM series of automatic checkweighers come with a USB socket as standard.  Records of every item weighed are saved on to a USB flash disk, this data can then be transferred at the end of the day to a laptop or PC and stored until needed.  Another option available is the ability to add an Ethernet port to

Showing all 2 results