Load Pin – Force Measuring Load Cell Sensor

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The Straightpoint range of Load Measurement Pins (LMP’s) are designed for use in applications where an end of line Load cell can not be used an an integrated solution is required. Now available as a wireless ATEX/IECEx option.




The Straightpoint range of Load Measurement Pins (LMP’s) are designed for use in applications where an end of line Load cell can not be used an an integrated solution is required.

Often a customised solution they are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel and are normally supplied complete with an anti-rotation plate as a cabled or wireless solution.

Built to withstand the harshest environments in industries such as marine and offshore oil and gas they are suitable for use in exposed situations and can be supplied to withstand immersion in seawater to extreme depths.

Our loadpins are typically connected to our Handheld plus or may be supplied with a vast array of output formats to include mV/V, RS-422, RS-485, utilizing the ASCII, MODBUS TRU and CAN-BUS protocols or an analogue output such as 4-20mA for PLC integration.

Our cabled Load pins are typically supplied with a 10 metre cable as standard however usable cable length varies greatly with lengths available to 1500 metres depending on output format.

Load Pin General Description

A load measuring pin senses the force applied across it, via strain gauges installed within a small bore through the centre of the pin. Two grooves are machined into the outer circumference of the pin to define the shear planes, which are located between the forces being measured.

Load Pin Environmental Protection

As the instrumented area of the load pin is totally contained within a small central bore, the load pin sensor is inherently waterproof. Manufactured from special stainless steels, fitted with welded or `O’ ring sealed end caps and with special attention to the signal cable glanding, a very high operating reliability can be guaranteed even for load pins operating underwater.

Load Pin Typical Locations

If a pin exists within a defined load path or can be fitted to experience a force, then a Straightpoint Load Pin can be installed to monitor that load. The sketches below show typical locations for load pins.

Typical locations for loadpin loadcellstypical locations for loadpin loadcellstypical locations for loadpin loadcells


Load Pin Locking Systems

A load-measuring pin needs to be securely locked into position in order to fix its orientation with respect to its associated assembly. This needs to be fixed, both in the axial and rotation modes, to ensure that accurate and repeatable results are obtained from the system.
A standard load pin is designed to sense the force in one direction only. A force at right angles to that force will produce a zero output from the sensor.

loadpin load cell locking system diagram


Load Pin Cable & Connector Arrangements

The signal cable can normally exit from the load pin to suit the installation and space requirements. Emphasis should be placed on the protection of the cabling system from accidental damage during installation and use. A plug and socket breakdown can be incorporated at the load pin if required. Extra protection can be provided over the standard polyurethane sheathed cable in the form of hydraulic hose. This provides excellent protection with the advantage of associated fittings being readily available.
loadpin loadcell cable and connectors

Load Pin Applications:

Straightpoint Load pins are used to monitor load in a variety of industrial settings and can be used in place of shear axles, clevis pins and in other mechanical pinned joint applications.

All Load Pin Load Cells Are Supplied With The Following As Standard:

  • Load cell carry case
  • 10 Metres / 30 Feet Cable
  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case

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