Baby Weighing Scales

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Babies who feel safe and secure are easier to weigh!

Baby scales by Seca & Marsden make weighing fast and comfortable. With skin-friendly materials that immediately take on and radiate body warmth. With designs that make the baby feel safe and advanced functions that shorten the weighing process.

Weighing your baby on a regular basis gives the best indication that your child is growing at a normal rate and is healthy. Normal growth is a sign of good health in babies and toddlers and can only be measured accurately on the appropriate equipment.  Coventry Scale Company are UK suppliers for Seca Scales, Marsden Scales and Shekel Healthcare Scales which can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world.

All of our medical scales have single point load cell technology giving greater accuracy and stable weighing results. We offer a wide range of class III baby weighing scales with built in height measuring tools to accurately weigh babies and infants. All of our scales are fully calibrated to national standard and come with 12 months warranty and free delivery.

Showing all 7 results