Seca 634 Stand on Scale


Obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the world. This battery-operated digital scale was specially developed to weigh obese patients, with a weighing range of up to 360 kg / 57 sts and a sturdy, non-slip 56 x 56 cm platform that is just 5.5 cm high. Patients also may be weighed while seated; the weight of the chair is simply deducted with the Pre-TARE function. The cable remote display (cable length: 2.5 m) with easy-to-read LCD can be held, mounted on a wall or placed on a table. The 50 g graduation registers the slightest weight changes even after the patient has left the scale, thanks to the Auto-HOLD function. The integrated Body Mass Index (BMI) function and the simple transmission of measurements to an EMR system further enhance the versatile use of this unique multifunctional scale.



Weighing range up to 360 kg
The battery operated digital scale seca 634 has been especially developed for weighing adipose patients. With a capacity of up to 360 kg, it is a sturdy basis for heavyweight and corpulent (e.g. pregnant) patients.

Cable remote display shows fine graduation
The result is shown on the cable remote display in easy to read LCD numerals. The display can be mounted on a wall at eye level, placed on a table or on the optional mobile stand seca 472. The 100 gramm graduation means that even the smallest changes in weight are registered – and, thanks to the auto-HOLD function, also after the patient has left the scale. The scale has an economy mode which means that it switches off automatically when it is in rechargeable battery operation.

Integrated BMI-function
Experts predict that, by the year 2040, half of the world population will have a BMI of over 30 kg/m which means obesity. Here the seca 634 with its integrated Body Mass Index (BMI) function helps to evaluate the nutritional condition and makes early action possible.

Generous platform size
The low platform profile reduces patient effort and risk when stepping on the scale. As the 22 x 22 inch platform is almost twice as large as that of a normal scale, a chair may also be placed on the scale for weighing a patient. With the pre-TARE function, the weight of a chair or standing aid can simply be tared away. Up to 3 TARE weights (e.g. chair weights) can be stored.

Functions and Properties

  • EMR ready
  • Auto-clear
  • Auto-HOLD
  • SEND/Auto-SEND
  • Automatic switch-off
  • BMI
  • Adjustable damping
  • HOLD
  • Pre-TARE
  • TARE

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Additional information

Weight 12.0 kg

Seca 634

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