Seca 804 Flat Scale


Take a look at the elegantly chromed electrodes. They are arranged to guarantee uninterrupted skin contact during the measuring of body fat and body water.



Product Properties

    • 24 electrodes. For analysis of body fat and body water.
    • Automatic user recognition. For fast measuring results.
    • Four memories. For practical multi-person use.
    • BMI function to determine nutritional status.
    • More than 165 years of experience. For maximum precision.
    • From the global market leader for medical weighing and measuring.

Functions and Properties

  • Auto-HOLD
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Automatic user recognition
  • Body Fat / Body Water Measurement
  • BMI
  • User memory
  • Tap-on automatic switch-on

Chromed electrodes ensure a beautiful look
A total of 24 electrodes show everything this personal scale can do: in addition to weight, it can also measure nutrition status. And it can do this extremely reliably since the electrodes’ layout is not random, but very cleverly devised in the shape of a foot. Equally clever are the elegant design and the rounded-off weighing platform, which neither clashes with taste nor slashes your feet. All this makes the seca sensa 804 ideal for people who do more for their health than usual.

Finding time for those who are short on it
Anyone wishing to measure BMI and/or body fat and body water can now do so in no time: simply enter personal data such as age, gender and fitness level once into one of the four memories – and the scale recognises its users based on weight time and time again. If not, it asks the user by flashing the most likely memory on the display. Then simply select and you‘re done.

You can‘t go wrong
When designers create a seca scale, they consider not only the beautiful form, but also many practical details. In the case of the seca sensa 804 you‘ll find the rear-facing buttons which prevent data from being entered and results corrupted by accidental foot contact. You see, with a scale from seca nothing is left to chance.

Technical Data

• Capacity: 150 kg / 330 lbs / 23 sts
• Division: 100 g / 0,2 lbs
• Dimensions scale (WxHxD): 300 x 46 x 300 mm
• Weight: 1.2 kg
• Functions: BF/BW measurement, BMI, Auto-HOLD, automatic switch-off
• Parts to be delivered: 4 AAA batteries, 4 extension feet for carpets

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Additional information

Weight 12.0 kg

Seca 804

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