Seca Medical Scales

Make the weighing process noticeably easier for your physically impaired patients with a Seca handrail scale, Seca wheelchair scale, Seca multifunction scale or platform scale from our Online-Shop. We stock many different scales, customised to your special requirements for medical weighing technology. The Seca 665, the digital wheelchair scale with wireless transmission, is part of the Seca 360° wireless product family. The Seca 665 delivers the high-precision measuring technology you expect from Seca and simplifies the weighing process for you and your patients.

Coventry Scale Company offer Seca medical weighing scales and accessories at competitive prices with free delivery.  We offer products to fulfill your individual requirements. Supplement your medical supplies with a Seca baby scale, bathroom scale or Seca column scale. Your Seca scales deliver the precision you need for routine medical work.