Seca 985 Bed and Dialysis Weighing Scales

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Class III Approved Scale For Medical Use

For dialysis facilities and intensive care units.

The Seca 985 is the mobile bed and dialysis scale by Seca that is ideally suited to monitoring patients’ weight changes. In intensive care units, for example, early recognition of weight fluctuations is vital since any change could affect the health and life of the patient. Likewise in dialysis treatment facilities, the Seca 985 is essential for weight monitoring.

Electronic bed and dialysis scales with integrated mechanical lifters and equipment trolley.

Always in use: the seca 985 facilitates the easy, gentle and precise weighing of bedridden patients and is an indispensable aid in dialysis and intensive care. With the integrated lifts, four load cells can be placed easily and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is deducted using the TARE function and the patient’s precise weight is determined. In the event of a power failure, the scale stores all previously displayed values using rechargeable batteries. When not in use, the four bed lifts can be stored on the equipment trolley.


Makes life easy for patient and personnel.

Especially in dialysis treatment or the ICU, many patients cannot be weighed while standing or sitting. A mobile bed scale which allows the patient to remain in bed while being weighed is of enormous help. The patient is spared the trouble of moving from bed to scale and back again and medical personnel are relieved of unnecessary physical exertion.

With patented lift mechanism, limit and pre-TARE function.

The Seca 985 makes it all very easy with a patented lift mechanism that allows the user to roll the load cells under the bed and secure
them there. All that’s required is the push of a button and a lever. Thanks to the patented mechanism, no effort is required. Just as helpful is the limit function which signals a change in weight with an acoustic warning, making it unnecessary for the user to monitor the
display continuously. The pre-TARE function also simplifies things: the weight stored in memory (of the patient’s bed, for example) can be deducted from the currently measured weight, leaving only the patient’s body weight in the display.

That is especially important in the following clinical pictures:

If the patient’s condition involves high volumes of fluid such as in dialysis or fluid losses as seen in intensive care, the continuous measuring by Seca 985 is a great help. The body should contain neither too little nor too much water because either condition may have dangerous consequences, e.g., dehydration or hyperhydration.

Clinical pictures with dehydration:

  • Severe loss of blood, e.g., as a result of an accident
  • Plasma lost and loss of interstitial fluid caused by severe burns
  • Diarrhea
  • Incessant vomiting
  • Excessive transpiration through the skin

Clinical pictures with hyperhydration:

  • Heart failure
  • Cirrhosis
  • Lung diseases
  • Underactive thyroid

The consequences could be fatal:

When a patient is dehydrated, the amount of water in the body decreases and the patient’s weight along with it. The patient could suffer a circulatory collapse or shock. In cases of hyperhydration, the patient’s weight increases due to unchecked fluid retention. The consequences range from headache to cramps, edema and even death.

Product Properties

  • Mobile bed scale for bedridden patients.
  • Limit function with alarm.
  • Patented lift mechanism for easy operation.
  • Rechargeable battery for use anywhere and for data security.
  • Integrated pre-TARE function.

Functions and Properties

  • TARE
  • Pre-TARE
  • HOLD
  • BMI
  • Limit value
  • Adjustable damping

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 500 kg / 1,100 lbs
  • Max. patient weight: 250 kg / 550 lbs
  • Graduation: 100 g < 200 kg > 200 g /
    0.2 lbs < 440 lbs > 0.5 lbs
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)/trolley:
    520 x 927 x 562 mm /
    20.5 x 36.5 x 22.1″
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)/load cells:
    328 x 150 x 212 mm /
    12.9 x 5.9 x 8.3″
  • Weight/trolley: 25.6 kg / 56.4 lbs
  • Weight/load cells: 6.2 kg / 13.6 lbs
  • Power supply: Power adapter/
    rechargeable Batteries
  • Functions: TARE, pre-TARE, HOLD,
    BMI, limit value, damping
  • Optional: Multifunctional display Seca 435
  • CE approval class: III

Seca 985 Bed and Dialysis Weighing Scales

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Weight 20.0 kg

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