Seca 874 Flat Scale


The seca 874 can do everything that a scale in mobile use should do and more. It is light, extremely robust, easy to operate, provides precise measurements in any level of humidity and has a long battery life. When conducting one weighing after the other, there’s no need to lean over repeatedly, thanks to the push button that can be turned on and off with a toe tap. The double display lets the user and fitness professional read the results from two different aspects at the same time. Thanks to the 2 in 1 button, the scale can weigh a child held in its parent’s arms.



Great stability
The seca 874 is very light at only 4,1 kg, but also very tough. Equipped with a steel frame, the scale also boasts a top-quality ribbed surface, extra-strength two-component ABS plastic and Plexiglas®. Small children and adults up to 200 kg can be weighed  accurately. Especially large leveling bases keep the scale stable on any type of flooring.

Simple operation
When conducting one examination after the other, there’s no need to bend over repeatedly, thanks to the two push buttons on the seca 874 that can be turned on and off with a toe tap. Yet another labor-saving feature is the mother/child function that weighs a child held in its mother’s arms. Transport of the scale is made easy by the integrated handle and very low device weight of 4,1 kg.

Intelligent details
Special mention should be made of the  double display that lets the patient and  medical personnel read the results from  two different directions at the same time. Thanks to a protected toggle switch and  a manual power switch, which prevents  unintended activation during transport,  the function of the scale is always ensured even under difficult conditions

Key Features

  • Mother/child function for trouble-free weighing of small children.
  • Large leveling bases for increased stability.
  • Low device weight and battery power for mobile use.
  • Double display for readout from different positions.
  • Two push buttons for effortless operation with the foot.
Functions and Properties

  • Auto-HOLD
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Mobile use
  • Mother/child function

Scope of Delivery

  • 6 x AA batteries

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Additional information

Weight 12.0 kg

Seca 874

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