Seca 711 Column Scale


Precision and quality with character.

Absolute precision and an indestructible mechanism are prerequisites for a scale which is used daily in professional health care. With these qualities, the reliable column scale with the characteristic beam at eye level has made a name for itself in medical practice. The optimised, updated model seca 711 now has an even higher capacity of 220 kg, is easier to operate and has an improved design. Its profile is in keeping with the modern requirements in general medicine, in internal medicine and in nutrition consultation.



High capacity and large platform
With its capacity of 220 kg, the seca 711 has been specially designed for weighing overweight and adipose persons. To ensure durability, special attention was paid to the high-quality construction – right down to the smallest detail. The generously sized, low level platform make the seca 711 easy to mount. The non-slip, rubber mat on the tread area also provides a secure footing. Weighing has thus become much more comfortable, not only for the patients but also for doctors and carers

Easy to operate and read due to eye-level display
The weight scale, which has been affixed at eye level so that the result can be read off comfortably, is printed on both sides so that it can be read both by the person standing on the scale and by the person standing in front of the scale. The large numerals make it easier to quickly determine the weight. A special coating reliably prevents the scale from fading even after years of use.

Sturdy construction of cast iron and integrated transport castors
The base of the seca 711 is made of cast iron and can cope with even the most intensive usage. The special coating on the lever apparatus protects the inner parts against corrosion and therefore guarantees precise results for a long time. In spite of its compact construction, the scale can be moved easily and quickly on the integrated transport castors to wherever it is needed. Fitted with the telescopic measuring rod seca 220, the seca 711 makes time-saving weighing and measuring possible in one step

Product Properties

  • Extra high capacity of 220 kg.
  • Large, low platform.
  • Simple to operate and easy to read due to eye-level display.
  • Sturdy construction with cast-iron base.
  • Transport castors for mobile use.

Functions and Properties

  • Extra rugged
  • Reset-to-zero function
  • Transport castors

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Additional information

Weight 25.0 kg

Seca 711

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