Seca 657 Multifunctional Scale


Precision weighing in all situations.

Emergency admission to hospital – everything has to happen very quickly. Especially when an operation is necessary and the patient’s weight must be determined in order to ensure the correct dose of anaesthetic. The weighing of patients on stretchers or trolleys in this or in less dramatic situations is no problem with the seca 657: the platform is large enough for all common trolleys or stretchers on undercarriages. And, of course, patients can also be weighed comfortably on a chair or in a wheelchair with this platform scale. The seca 657 is thus suitable for use in the dialysis sector and in old people’s and nursing homes.



Stable construction with very high capacity
Thanks to its extremely stable construction and very high capacity of 300 kg, even heavyweight patients can be weighed easily with the platform scale 657. The platform is generously sized to cope with wheelchairs and all common roll-in systems and stretchers on undercarriages.

Cable remote display with many additional functions
Included in delivery is the cable remote display with easy to read LCD figures. It can be mounted on a table or hung on a wall at eye level. The display can be operated intuitively and is equipped with many intelligent functions: Thanks to the HOLD function, the patient can first be attended to before the result is noted. The innovative memory function of the seca 657 is particularly practical – for example in the casualty department before an operation: the total weight of the patient including stretcher or wheelchair is first determined. After again weighing the stretcher or wheelchair the net weight of the patient appears automatically. With the pre-TARE function, the additional weight of auxiliary aids can also be deducted from the total weight while actually weighing the patient. And, finally, the individual nutritional condition of the patient can be ascertained with the aid of the BMI function.

Castors and integrated handles for transport
The seca 657 is a very versatile scale as it is easy to move around on its smoothrunning castors with the aid of the integrated handles

Seca 657 Multifunctional Scale

Product Properties

  • Especially spacious platform for all common roll-in systems.
  • Stable construction with very high capacity.
  • Transportable due to castors and integrated handles.
  • Innovative memory function for determining precise weight of patient.

Functions and Properties

  • EMR ready
  • Auto-clear
  • Auto-HOLD
  • SEND/Auto-SEND
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Automatic weighing range switch-over
  • BMI
  • Adjustable damping
  • HOLD
  • Pre-TARE
  • TARE
  • Transport castors
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Additional information

Weight 45.0 kg

Seca 657

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