Ohaus Traveler Portable Precision Balance

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Designed for basic weighing in Educational applications.

The unique draft-shield on the Traveler is what sets this portable balance apart. The weigh-thru design protects the load cell from disruption from the elements to ensure weighing accuracy. The unique draft-shield is also designed to allow multiple units to be stacked conveniently on top of each other.



Ohaus Traveler Portable Balance – Value and practicality for basic weighing.

Unique Portable Balance with Integrated Draft-shield!

  • The weigh-thru draft-shield ensures accurate results by protecting the balance in unstable environments and the centre piece can also be converted into a weigh boat.
  • The balances can be neatly stacked and locked in to place on top of each other, providing a simple way to safely store the balances.
  • A high-quality load cell powers Traveler to produce accurate and reliable weighing results in a small, convenient portable balance.

Application Modes

  • Weighing

Ohaus Traveler Features

Display Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
Communication RS232 or USB with integrated cable (accessories sold separately)
Construction ABS housing, stainless steel pan, integral weigh below hook and shipping lock, security bracket, manual lock switch
Design Features User selectable communication and printing settings, auto shut off, mechanical and software overload/under-load protection


  • Gram
  • Newton


  • In a classroom, In a laboratory.

Standard Features Include:

  • Weigh-Thru Draftshield – Traveler’s unique draftshield was designed with an easy to remove centre piece – that provides protection from rough environments while maintaining weighing speed
  • Stackable Draft shield – Traveler’s unique draft shield was designed with storage in mind, and
    allows the balances to be stacked away when not in use. The draft shield’s centre piece can also be
    removed and converts into a weigh boat when turned upside down!
  • USB or RS232 Connectivity – Traveler was designed with easy-to-install interface options, which
    provide weight output to an OHAUS printer or PC
  • Battery or AC Power – Uses 4 “AA” batteries with auto shut-off, or can be run on the included AC
    power pack.
  • Additional standard features include Grams and Newton weighing units, weigh-below hook, integral transportation lock and calibration lockout, rear security loop, programmable Auto Shut-Off, A/C adaptor and calibration mass (models below 500g only)

Optional Accessories                          OHAUS Number
Secondary display with back-light ………… 80251395
RS232 communication accessory………… 72206287
USB communication accessory …………… 71147377
Security device……………………………. 80850000 or 76288-01
STP103 Thermal Printer – UK ………………. 80251194
SRP275-GB Impact Printer………………….. 80251989
CBM910 Impact Printer – EU……………….. 80252043

Please click here for Ohaus Traveler data sheet…..

Additional information

Weight 5.0 kg

TA152 150g x 0.01g, TA302 300g x 0.01g, TA502 500g x 0.01g, TA301 300g x 0.1g, TA501 500g x 0.1g, TA1501 1500g x 0.1g, TA3001 3000g x 0.1g, TA5000 5000g x 1g

Calibration Certificate

Yes, No

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