SJX Gold Series Jewellery Balance

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Designed for a wide range of regular and trading applications, the Class ll certified SJX Carat and Gold balances are ideal for weighing jewelry, precious metals, gemstones etc. Equipped with superior overload protection, large back-lit display, fast stabilization time, multiple weighing units, application modes and connectivity options, these slim balances offer a truly user-friendly weighing experience.



A Dynamic Weighing Experience with the Next Generation of OHAUS Carat and Gold Portable Balances!

  • The bright white backlit LCD display of the Scout shows the net weight of precious metals and stones clearly. Multiple connectivity options are also available for data logging and communication.
  • Scout meets Class ll accuracy requirements for countertop retail applications. Manual internal calibration allows easy calibration, ensuring precision of the balance.
  • Stabilization time as fast as 1 sec means quick results and increased efficiency. Equipped with advanced weighing technology, the Scout also ensures repeatable and reliable weighing results.


  • Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Percent Weighing
  • Check Weighing
  • Totalization
  • Density Determination
  • Display Hold


Display Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight
Operation AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
Communication RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet or Bluetooth® (all available as an accessory)
Construction ABS housing, stainless steel pan, ABS draftshield (1mg model only), weigh below hook, transportation lock, manual calibration lock switch, security slot, adjustable leveling feet, illuminated up-front level indicator
Design Features Stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare, scoop on 64g model, weight on 64g SJX/E model only


  • Carat
  • Grain
  • Gram
  • Hong Kong Tael
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Ounce Troy
  • Pennyweight
  • Pound
  • Singapore Tael
  • Taiwan Tael
  • Tical
  • Tola


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Weight 8.0 kg

SJX322/E 320g x 0.01g, SJX622/E 620g x 0.01g, SJX1502/E 1500g x 0.01g, SJX621/E 620g x 0.1g, SJX3201/E 3200g x 0.1g, SJX6201/E 6200g x 0.1g, SJX8200/E 8200g x 1g