VWDIS Drive-in Platform Scale (with back bar)

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At only 40mm high, the UK made VWDIS drive-in platforms are extra low profile, ensuring easy access and minimum floor space requirements. Professional manufacturing and high quality components ensure reliable and accurate weighing performance.


Shallow ramp provides easy access for weighing Dolavs, trolleys, pallet trucks and all other wheeled transport devices

The platforms include one ramp for entry and exit along with a rear safety stop bar. The 300mm long ramp reduces the loading gradient for unstable or low clearance trolleys and a smooth top plate ensures small wheels or casters can be easily accommodated.

Designed for high pressure washdown in food factories, high hygiene production areas and all other demanding environments

A durbar top plate option is also available to help reduce the risk of slipping if required. IP69K rated loadcells, a sealed stainless junction box and a unique flow through design ensure protection from high pressure washdown. To help provide portability during cleaning and maintenance handles are supplied as standard.

Key Features

  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • UK made to the highest quality standards
  • Fully stainless steel washdown construction
  • IP69K stainless steel OIML approved loadcells
  • Low profile – only 40mm to weighing area
  • Easy access for trolley, pallet trucks, cages etc
  • Built-in or separate 300mm long ramps
  • Various standard sizes and capacities
  • Custom sizes and capacities available

Please click here for the VWDIS Drive-in Platform Scale Datasheet...

Additional information

Weight 150.0 kg

VWDIS800/1 800mm x 800mm with 300mm Built-in Ramp, VWDIS800/E 800mm x 800mm with 300mm External Ramp, VWDIS1010/1 1000mm x 1000mm with 300mm Built-in Ramp, VWDIS1010/E 1000mm x 1000mm with 300mm External Ramp, VWDIS1212/1 1250mm x 1250mm with 300mm Built-in Ramp, VWDIS1212/E 1250mm x 1250mm with 300mm External Ramp, VWDIS1515/1 1500mm x 1500mm with 300mm Built-in Ramp, VWDIS1515/1 1500mm x 1500mm with 300mm External Ramp

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