Cibe F1 Precision Class Weights in Stainless Steel

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STAINLESS STEEL weights suitable for use in legal metrology, research, and industrial applications. The F1 precision class allows for the use of these weights for the check and calibration of scales and instruments in class II up to 100000e.

All weights supplied with plastic case as standard.

Weight density 7950 kg/m3




In conformance with the oiml – r111 recommendation
F1 precision class in highly polished austenitic stainless steel
ACCREDIA (EA) calibration certificate upon request, all weights supplied in plastic carry case.


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The laser marking service is useful to identify each sample weight or mass individually. More specifically:
– The marking allows easier identification and traceability of each weight or mass;
– It is perfectly smooth, does not remove material from the weight and does not affect the surface, thus avoiding dust deposit;
– It is customisable, according to the requirements of the companies.
In addition:
– It remains unchanged over time;
– It can be performed on previously purchased masses and weights, of all accuracy classes, from 1 g to 20 kg;
– It is perfect for pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.


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1mg OIML F1 WAF1M1, 2mg OIML F1 WAF1M2, 5mg OIML F1 WAF1M5, 10mg OIML F1 WAF1M10, 20mg OIML F1 WAF1M20, 50mg OIML F1 WAF1M50, 100mg OIML F1 WAF1M100, 200mg OIML F1 WAF1M200, 500mg OIML F1 WAF1M500, 1g OIML F1 WAF11, 2g OIML F1 WAF12, 5g OIML F1 WAF15, 10g OIML F1 WAF110, 20g OIML F1 WAF120, 50g OIML F1 WAF150, 100g OIML F1 WAF1100, 200g OIML F1 WAF1200, 500g OIML F1 WAF1500, 1kg OIML F1 WAF1K1, 2kg OIML F1 WAF1K2, 5kg OIML F1 WAF1K5, 10kg OIML F1 WAF1K10, 20kg OIML F1 WAF1K20

ACCREDIA (EA) Certificate:

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