BX23 Digital Weight Indicator

The OIML approved BX23 is a high accuracy and powerful weight indicator with incredible connectivity options at a highly affordable price. With its IP67 protected stainless steel housing, it provides reliable and accurate performance in wet, hygienic and harsh conditions.

  • OIML Approved for Single or Multi Range
  • Designed for scale engineers by scale engineers. Powerful setup and diagnostic features  with live mV readings, peak loads, history, logs, built in hardware tests
  • eCal for calibration with or without weights
  • IP67 stainless steel housing with colour selectable display
  • 2 x RS232, 1 x RS485 and 1 USB port as standard
  • Time and Date
  • Free PC Software for easy Setup, Calibration and Label Design
  • Load labels forms from standard printer design software with 1 click
  • Bargraph for tracking gross weight
  • Livestock weighing with in-motion sampling
  • Analogue Output (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V)
  • All the main fieldbus options including, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, CC Link, CANopen

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The BX23 Digital Weight Indicator not only looks great, but behind the scenes it’s even more impressive.  Designed for weighing professionals by weighing professionals the functionality and setup is exactly what you would want from a top level weight indicator with quick codes for fast access to the most common settings (such as calibration etc.) and diagnostic features including live mV readings, peak loads, history, logs, built in hardware tests etc.

The indicators boast a range of powerful calibration options including eCAL electronic calibration (without the need for test weights) which is extremely important for heavy capacity scales such as tanks and silos.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel, IP67 protected for wet, hygienic and harsh areas
  • Color selectable LCD display with alphanumeric info line
  • Bar graph to follow gross weight capacity
  • Key based locking against interfering

High Technology and Performance:

  • Up to 999 999 display resolution
  • Up to 800 conversion per second
  • Smart and adaptive filter
  • High capacity tank scales supported by eCAL electronic calibration
  • Span adjustment of loaded tanks without emptying

Typical Applications:

  • Process weighing applications; tank, silo, hopper and conveyor weighing
  • Programmable display color
  • Livestock and dynamic weighing with strong dynamic weighing algorithm

Integration & Connectivity

  • 2 x RS232C, 1 x RS485, 1 x USB are standard
  • Profibus, Profinet, CANopen
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP
  • EtherCAT, CC-Link, Powerlink Modbus RTU /TCP
  • Analogue outputs with Digital I/O

Options Extras Available:

  • 12-24VDC Power Supply
  • Alibi Memory
  • Digital I/O – 4 inputs/5 outputs
  • Analogue Output inc. BX2X-DIO
  • Ethernet inc. BX2X-DIO and Modbus TCP
  • Industrial Ethernet IP inc. BX2X-DIO
  • Profibus inc. BX2X-DIO
  • Profinet inc. BX2X-DIO
  • Ethercat inc. BX2X-DIO
  • CCLink inc. BX2X-DIO
  • CANopen inc. BX2X-DIO
  • Powerlink inc. BX2X-DIO

Please click here for the BX23 Digital Weight Indicator data sheet

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BX23 Bench Type, BX23 Wall Type