BX10 Panel Mounted Process Control Weight Indicator

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The BX10 is a state-of-the art process indicator designed for industrial weighing applications. It has a standard RS-232C serial port and 2 Digital IO ports which are programmable as either an input or output.



BX10 Panel Mounted Process Control Weight Indicator

The BX10 features powerful adaptive digital filtering for fast stability and a display resolution up to 999.999. The indication is extremely stable with up to 1600 conversion per second speed. The small sized aluminium body is ideal for panel installations where space is at a premium and it’s large 13.5 mm Red LED display provides easy reading from a distance.
Powerful calibration options include eCal Electronic Calibration without the need for test weights and sCal for span only calibration. This enables fast and easy setup and servicing and is ideal for calibrating large hoppers where emptying them is not an easy option.
  • OIML Approved
  • Compact Panel Mount Display
  • Aluminium Body/ASB Front
  • 13.5mm High LED Display
  • 12-28VDC
  • 1600 Samples/second
  • 16 Million Internal Counts
  • Fast Standard Calibration
  • eCal Electronic Calibration
  • RS232 Port
  • 2 programmable DIO’s
  • Advanced Filtering


  • 16.000.000 internal resolution
  • Big LED display
  • Programmable via PC
  • RS-232C serial interface
  • Ergonomic design with small size

BX10MB has additionally;

  • RS485 serial interface
  • 2 pcs programmable digital In/Out
  • Powerful Calibration
  • Calibration with test weight
  • eCal Electronic calibration
  • Calibration via serial interface
  • Span calibration under load

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