Baykon BX27 Large Scoreboard Display

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Highly Visible Extra Large LCD Scoreboard Display
Designed for industrial weighing applications that require a long reading distance such as crane operators, forklift drivers or outdoor weighbridges, the BX27 has a robust stainless steel housing and comes complete with a sun visor to further increase visibility. At 57mm high, it’s extra large LED display is highly visible and ideal for warehouses or other long distance weighing applications. All key operations can be done remotely via cable using the BX27’s RS232 serial interface.

  • Long Distance Weight Reading and Remote Print, Zero or Tare
  • 57mm Extra Large 6 Digit LED Display
  • Ideal for Forklift Drivers/Crane Operators etc
  • IP65 rated
  • Standard Calibration or Electronic Calibration
  • 240VAC power with 24VDC Option
  • Remote serial inputs for zero, tare, print etc
  • 1 x RS232/RS485 Port as standard
  • 1 x 20mA CL Port


BX27 designed for industrial weighing applications to provide long distance reading such as crane operators working with scale or as outdoor big display for weighbridges with
BAYKON PC software.

It has stainless steel robust housing for heavy industrial environment and outdoor usage with standard sun visor. It has LED display 57mm digit height. Key functions executed with keys on front panel, remotely via cable and through serial interface.

The BX27 scoreboard display from Baykon can be configured up to 999.999 display resolution and offers serial interfaces RS-232C, RS-485 or 20mA CL.


  • Up to 999,999 display resolutions
  • 16,000,000 Internal Resolutions
  • Electronic calibration (eCal) without test weights.

Outdoor Usage

  • Sun visor (standard)┬áSerial Interface via
  • RS-485 or 20mA Current Loop
  • Stainless Steel Robust Housing

Available Options

  • 12-24VDC or 110VAC (BX1+POWER)
  • Battery Option (BX1+BATT)
  • Alibi Memory (BX1+ETR)
  • Extra RS232 Port (BX1+RS232)
  • Modbus RTU (BX1+RTU)
  • 4-20mA or 0-10V Output (BX1+DAC)
  • Digital I/O with 3 setpoints (BX1+DIO)
  • Ethernet with Modbus TCP (BX1+IP)
  • Profibus (BX1+PB)
  • Profinet (BX1+PN)
  • CANopen (BX1+CO)

Please click here for the Baykon Bx27 Scoreboard display data sheet …..

Additional information

Weight 15.0 kg
Optional Extras:

No Optional Extras, BX1+POWER, BX1+BAT, BX1+ETR, BX1+RS232, BX1+RTU, BX1+DAC, BX1+DIO, BX1+IP, BX1+PB, BX1+PN, BX1+CO