WWSK – A Complete Package for Static Axle Weighing

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A Complete Package for Static Mobile Axle Weighing – The WWSK Series

Specific Kit for the manual static weighing of axles. The kit consists of two portable vehicle weigh pads and a 3590ETKR series touch screen weight indicator with integrated printer. The user interface is clear, simple and intuitive and displays in real time the weight of the axle, the total weight, the tare and the identification code of the vehicle. The ticket reports all the weight data, in order to facilitate registration and traceability.




The WWSK series of vehicle weigh pads are a solution for mobile axle weighing in one complete package.  The WWSK series of weigh pads are all you need to accurately and efficiently weigh any type of vehicle, you simply drive the first axle of your vehicle on to the weigh pads and the weight is stored in to the 3590ETKR weight indicator.  As the vehicle moves forward, each axle is weighed statically and the display will accumulate the total of each axles.  Once the vehicle has been weighed, a printout will show the individual axle weights as well as the total weight of the vehicle.

Weigh Pad Characteristics

  • Sturdy structure, made in special aluminium, which guarantees lightness and makes them suitable also for harsh working conditions.
  • Cable with quick connector, platform side.
  • 10 m cable for connecting the platform to the indicator, complete with connectors.
  • IP68 stainless steel load cells.
  • Hermetic junction box with IP68 protection degree.
  • Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the platform for good grip on all surfaces.
  • Very simple and reliable connection between platforms and weight indicator.
  • IP68 protection, with IP68 connectors and PUR cables as standard.
  • Wheels for the transport and the positioning (only for “WWSEKxx” kit)
  • WWS series platforms are patented with the number 1.342.302.

Technical Features of the 3590ETKR Weight Indicator

  • ABS transport case, with housing for the indicator and space for extra accessories.
  • Touch screen weight indicator complete with printer, connectors for platforms.
  • Backlit touch screen display (lxh=120x90mm). Specific layout for axle weighing.
  • Multilingual software.
  • Available touch screen keyboards: QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ.
  • Dimensions: 325x460x170mm. Weight: circa 5kg.
  • Attached thermal printer as standard.
  • Real time clock and permanent data storage.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (10-hour minimum operating time).

Function Modes

  • Manual static wheel/axle totalisation.
  • Printing of axle total weight.
  • Weighing with predetermined tare.
  • Database of 500 customers.
  • Simple printout.
  • Multiple Printing.
  • Last printout copy.

WWSK – A Complete Package for Static Axle Weighing

Models Available

2x WWSC Vehicle Weigh Pads & 3590ETKR Indicator
Capacity: 12000kg x 5kg Per Axle

2x WWSE Vehicle Weigh Pads & 3590ETKR Indicator
Capacity: 30000kg x 10kg Per Axle

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