Smart Axle – App For Axle Weighing


App For Axle Weighing Scale Systems

Smart Axle is a specific tablet/smartphone software, to combine with our WWS axle weighing scales, which allows the weighing of any kind of vehicle in a simple and rapid way. It can also share the data at the same time with the company’s IT system. The program offers many functions of weighing, recording and sharing, via ftp, email or other data exchange formats.


Tablet & Smartphone Software for Manual Weighing of Vehicle Axles

The Smart Axle app is designed for use with all Dini Argeo wireless vehicle weigh pads with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Simple and intuitive working screen
  • Management of the preset tare on the accumulated total (deduction of the vehicle’s weight)
  • Configurable Overload check threshold.
  • Real time printout of the weighing report, by Bluetooth portable printer (optional)
  • Recording of every weighing in the database, including the vehicle’s plate to identify it
  • Possibility of associating the vehicle’s photo to the weighing
  • Rapid cancellation of the weighing that is in progress
  • Display of the weighing list
  • Weighing export in pdf format or csv format


  • The use is very simple, and each weighing is recorded with:
    Weight of each axle
    Total weight
    Date and time
    Vehicle’s photo
  • Each weighing can be:
    exported in pdf format and sent by email
    shared in real time with the company’s IT system
    downloaded to USB memory
  • By connecting the wireless printer it is possible to:
    have an immediate report of the weighing carried out
    print in real time receipts, including registration, weigh, date and time.


  • To combine with WWS “dual” axle weighing system (max 2 platforms), complete with Bluetooth interface
  • 3.2′ or superior display
  • Android operating system, starting from 4.0.3 version
  • Bluetooth connection to communicate with the scale

Please click here for the Smart Axle data sheet …..