Painted Steel Table With Low Surface For 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm Platforms

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Carts in Painted or stainless steel, designed to realize mobile weighing station, equipped with one or more single cell platforms.
Possibility to install a labeller, wireless communication modules, barcode reader and more.



  • Tubular structure in painted or stainless steel.
  • Fitted with two breakneck wheels and two breaking wheels.
  • ABS handle to ease the mobility (not in the ATEX version).
  • Available in two versions, with low or high loading level.
  • ATEX version for hazardous zone.

Table of Measurements

Code                         Size                                                        ATEX

TB60R2                      400x400mm or 400x500mm              No

TB60EXR2                400x400mm or 400x500mm              Yes

TB60BR2                   500x500mm                                            No

TB60BEXR2             500x500mm                                            Yes

TB300R2                   500x600mm or 600x600mm             No

TB300EXR2             500x600mm or 600x600mm             Yes

Please click here for the Painted Steel Tables With Low Surfaces Platform Datasheet…

Additional information

Weight 40.0 kg

TB60R2, TB60EXR2, TB60BR2, TB60BEXR2, TB300R2, TB300EXR2