GiManager – Configuration and Visualization for GI6xx Series Weigh Indicators‏‏‏‏‎‏‏‎

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The GI Manager software is dedicated to the configuration and display for the GI6xx indicator series.



  • Fast and intuitive interface.
  • Simple installation.
  • Unique compatibility with GI400 indicators.
  • Connection to indicators via TCP/IP (Ethernet) and RS232 (serial port).
  • Free demo version available.


  • Desk items applications (Windows 7, 8 or 10).
  • 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits processor (x64) at 2.3 GHz or more.
  • 4GB RAM Memory or more.
  • 16 GB or more of available disk space.

GiManager – One

  • Register of weights with detail of the product.
  • Report of weights.
  • Graph in real time of the average weight processed, maximum/minimum value, speed of sampling or sampling per second.
  • Graph analysis of the registered weights.
  • Exportation of formats data.

GiManager – Pro

  • Heavy-duty register with product detail.
  • Multi-indicators connection.
  • Printing of weighted tickets.
  • Log history query.
  • Export reports (PDF, XLS, CSV).
  • Register fields.
  • It performs heavy with the different modes of GI400
  • Weighing in semi-unattended mode with the transmission modes.
  • Consultation and graphic analysis of weighing in real time.
  • Customization of tickets and reports.
  • Monitoring and management of production lines.

Please click here for the Gi Manager software datasheet …..