Weighing Scale Hire

We have a wide selection of weighing scales available for both short and long term hire periods.  The majority of our hire scales are less than 12 months old and are supplied to the customer fully calibrated, a calibration certificate for each machine is available on request.  Clear instructions are supplied with every machine supplied and onsite training is also available if required.

Large Floor & Platform Scales

We stock Platform Scales and U Frame scales for general warehouse use, these are designed for weighing pallets and stillage’s up to 5000kg in capacity.  Weigh Beams are also available for hire in both mild steel and stainless steel.  Weigh Beams are generally used for weighing abnormal sized loads as the weigh beams can be situated up to 5 metres apart.

Parts Counting Scales
Our hire service is ideal for many purposes, with the use of our scales you can safe both time and money during your stock take.  With our expert advice and extensive stock we can provide you with the correct machine specific for your application.

We offer a diverse range of parts counting scales available for stock taking and inventory.  There are three types available, precision counting scales with capacities up to 2kg, bench type with capacities ranging from 3kg to 30kg and also duel platform counting scales with capacities up to 5000kg. Please click here for more information on our parts counting scales available for hire

Please click here for more information on our range of parts counting scales available for hire.

Crane Scale Hire

We stock crane and hanging scales available for any length of hire period.  These range in capacities of 300kg up to 10,000kg.  All of the larger crane scales available for hire are supplied with a remote control and battery charger, each machine is supplied fully calibrated and ready to use.

Our crane scales are built to withstand most environments and can be used in many applications such as foundries, shipping industry, production, load testing and one off weight readings.

Vehicle & Axle Weigh Pad Hire
We have the largest selection of vehicle and axle scales available for hire in the UK.  All of our vehicle weigh pads are calibrated before delivery and supplied with clear instructions for weighing a vehicle with two or more axles. Each of our units has the ability to print the weight of each wheel, each axle weight, a numeric vehicle code, time, date and the vehicle total weight.  Please click here for more information on our vehicle weigh pad hire machines.WWSE2G4 DFWKRPRF 4 Pad Wireless Vehicle & Axle Weighing System

Please click here for more information on our range of vehicle weigh pads  available for hire.

 Load Cell Hire
 We provide load cells for a variety of industrial and   testing applications. With extensive experience in the  weighing scale and load cell sector, we can offer advice to suit your requirement and budget. Complete systems can be hired, including load cell, junction box, digital display unit, cables, bearing thread rod ends and calibration certificate where required.  Next day delivery is available on all load cells.