Load Cells

We supply a wide range of high quality industrial load cells from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.  We offer single point load cells for small to medium size platform scales, ‘S’ Type load cells for weighing suspended items in tension, canister load cells for weighbridge applications, single ended shear beam load cells for platform scales and double ended shear beam load cells for tank and silo weighing applications.  We can supply a load cell as a single unit or up to sixteen load cells with junction box and fully programmable weight indicator supplied pre-calibrated ready for your installation to complete a system.

We supply standard load cell sensors in a range of capacities and sizes for all industrial applications such as tank and silo weighing, weighbridge sensors, suspended weighing with wireless dynamometres.  Sensors supplied in stainless steel and alloy steel with environmental protection in IP76, IP68, IP69 and IP69K, Atex load cells and indicators also supplied with most items in stock ready for next day delivery.

If you are looking to build a bespoke weighing system or simply find a replacement cell for your existing platform weighing scales then please contact us for assistance.  We have been supplying all types of loadcells and weighing equipment since 1975.

If you have any questions on a specific load cell, get in contact and our team will assist you.

Load Cells Suppliers UK