U Frame and Weigh Beam Scales

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Weigh beam and ‘U’ Frame scales are a portable and versatile option for weighing oversized or awkwardly shaped items where a permanent large platform scale cannot be justified due to space. Weigh beams can be positioned up to five meters apart to suit the application and the weight is distributed between the two beams to accurately weigh pallets or stillage‚Äôs. When not in use they store away easily taking up little room. ‘U’ Frame scales are designed for use with pallet trucks, to easily weigh items without the need for a pit mounted scale or access ramps.

Weigh Beam

We offer standard and bespoke ‘U’ Frame and Weigh Beam scales for weighing large, bulky and oversized items up to a standard weight of 3000kg. Weigh Beams and ‘U’ Frame scales are built for heavy, industrial use in warehouse, shipping, logistics and food production environments.

Our range of ‘U’ Frame and Weigh Beam scales are available in powder coated, mild steel finish or stainless steel for food production and harsh and corrosive environments. We also offer a wide range of weight indicators and accessories to complete the setup.

Showing all 12 results