Forklift Scales

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Our forklift scale weighing solutions are made in Italy by Dini Argeo and can turn your existing fork lift truck into a mobile weighing truck. Many of the conversion kits we provide are available with optional extras such as USB data collection, wireless secondary display units and thermal printers. Please give us a call to discuss various options for each type of forklift scales, advice or best prices.

We currently offer four different types of forklift scales weighing kits. The first is a pair of weighing forks that replace your existing setup. The LTF Active conversion kit is supplied with a basic display unit which is attached to the side of one of the units, allowing the driver to easily see the weight of any load.

The second type of fork lift scale requires you to replace your existing carriage plate with the new weighing carriage plate. The original forks would then be attached to the carriage. The LTW conversion kit provides better accuracy than fork replacement.

The third is a double plate kit called the LTS conversion, which allows goods to be weighed while the forks are being raised or lowered and provides a live dynamic weight.

The forth type of forklift scale conversion kit we offer is the Dini Argeo LTP weighing system. The LTP connects directly to the hydraulics of your fork lift truck and shows the weight based on the hydraulic pressure once calibrated.

Showing all 4 results