Weight Indicators

Coventry Scale Company stock a wide selection of digital weight indicators, displays, repeaters and scoreboards. We offer basic digital weight indicators that can be linked to any type of base or load cell to give simple weighing solutions in an industrial environment. All of our basic weigh displays have simple tare function, battery or mains powered, choice of enclosures and IP ratings for every environment.

We also have a large selection of programmable indicators and process controllers for more advanced weighing applications. Programmable weight indicators are able to store a database of thousands of different products and a full customer database. Touch screen programmable weight indicators are completely customisable, the display can be tailored to your specifications. Printers, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Wifi and Ethernet interface cards can all be added to integrate with your network to provide a full data acquisition solution.

Coventry Scale Company also stock advanced indicators to control automated processes with pre-programmed set points. When a pre-programmed target weight is reached, an analogue output will trigger a relay which can be used to control another piece of equipment. This type of weight display can save time and money by eliminating human error.