Floor Scales

Coventry Scale Company offer a wide variety of digital floor weighing scales to suit every application and budget.  Our range include simple, portable floor scales for general warehouse use or check weighing for food production and meat processing, floor weighing scales with a parts counting feature and larger scales for weighing pallets, stillages, dolavs, IBC’s and any type of large item. We also supply weigh beams and U frame floor scales which are more portable than conventional platform floor scales.  Our range

Our range of heavy duty scales are constructed from painted mild steel for general use or stainless steel for food production, wash down areas and harsh environments. All floor scales are available with a battery operated weight indicator unit option.  Every machine purchased from Coventry Scale Company comes fully calibrated, a calibration certificate traceable to ISO is also available at a small cost.

There are several optional extras available for Dini Argeo, Baykon and Ohaus scales, these include thermal tally roll printers, thermal label printers, secondary display repeaters and USB socket for data acquisition.

All scales supplied by Coventry Scale Company are high quality, durable and built to last.