Abattoir & Meat Processing Scales

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  • The Ohaus Defender 5000 Stainless Steel Range of Scales

    Ohaus Defender 5000 Stainless Steel Industrial Waterproof Floor Scales (15)

    From: £940.00

We supply two different types of weighing scales designed solely for use in abattoirs and meat processing plants. Both the scales in our current range are designed to allow you to install yourself. They are supplied with a choice of weight indicators and fully calibrated.

TW Series Overhead Monorail Weighing Scale

The TW series track scales are easily adaptable to any type of overhead monorail system. This type of scale is designed to provide accurate weighing in meat processing applications. The TW overhead track scale is available in two different sizes.

CW Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Quarter Weighing Scale

The CW series weighing scales are available with a choice of stainless steel wall mounted weight indicators. A trade approved version is also available. This scale is wall mounted and its unique design allows you to easily place meat on the fold down platform, while the carcass quarters can be weighed directly off the stainless steel top hook. Both products are available with our 3590EGT indicator, to integrate with your control process system.

We also have a number of scale options for food production areas, and these can be found in our ‘Food Production Scales’ section.

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