Ohaus Defender 3000 Stainless Steel Waterproof Industrial Floor Scales – Trade Approved Version

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Trade Approved Ohaus Defender 3000 Stainless Steel Series

Economical Stainless Steel Bench Scales for Basic Industrial Wash-down Applications.

The Defender 3000 Series of bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications when working in a damp environment or when it is essential to thoroughly clean the scale. The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged stainless steel design and NEMA 4X/IP65 stainless steel indicator with tactile keys, back-lit LCD display, and built-in rechargeable battery operation.



Designed with affordability in mind, but with no compromise on quality!

The OHAUS Defender 3000 Series economy line of dry or wet-use indicators, bases and bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas. Used in both bench and floor scale configurations, they feature a simple yet rugged tubular-frame base design and indicators with positive feedback keys, high-contrast back-lit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities. The OHAUS Defender 3000 Series is the solution to your weighing applications that require dependability within an affordable budget.

Standard Features Include:

  • T32XW indicator features a 304 stainless steel housing with IP65 dust-tight and wash-down protection; it features a flip-down front cover and only 4 sealing screws for ease of servicing
  • 304 stainless steel pan, frame and IP67 load cell
  • Available Capacities 15 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg, 150 kg, 300 kg
  • Scales with maximum displayed resolutions 1:6000-7500d, Type-approved 1:3000e
  • Built-in RS232 bidirectional interface, for printing and data communications
  • Internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery included.

Weighing, Parts Counting

Back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD)

Power cord (included) or rechargeable battery (included)

Easy access communication port with RS232 interface (included)

IP65 stainless steel indicator with hinged front cover and eye bolt mounting holes, stainless steel column and wall bracket, 304 grade stainless steel platform with steel tubular frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell

Design Features
125% overload protection

Typical Areas
General Weighing
Food Production
Meat Packing
Simple Counting Applications
Shipping & Receiving areas

Model                            Platform Sizes                Capacity
D32XW15VR-M                305mm x 355mm              15kg x 2g
D32XW30VR-M               305mm x 355mm              30kg x 5g
D32XW60VR-M               305mm x 355mm              60kg x 10g
D32XW60VL-M               420mm x 550mm             60kg x 10g
D32XW150VL-M             420mm x 550mm              150kg x 20g
D32XW150VX-M             650mm x 500mm              150kg x 20g
D32XW300VX-M            650mm x 500mm             300kg x 50g

• Safety and EMC: EN60950, EN61326, FCC, CE.
• Type Approval/Legal-for-Trade:
– T31xx/T32XW Series Indicator: EC Type approval and Test Certificate: TC7085 / T5980
– Base/Load Cell: OIML R60/2000-NL1-03.10 / TC5382; OIML R60/2000-NL1-03.14 / TC5367
• Quality: Ohaus quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008

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Additional information

Weight 15.0 kg

D32XW15VR-M 15kg x 5g Trade Approved, D32XW30VR-M 30kg x 10 Trade Approved, D32XW60VR-M 60kg x 20g Trade Approved, D32XW60VL-M 60kg x 20g Trade Approved, D32XW150VL-M 150kg x 50g Trade Approved, D32XW150VX-M 150kg x 50g Trade Approved, D32XW300VX-M 300kg x 100g Trade Approved