Counting Scales

The range of parts counting scales from Coventry Scale Company feature highly accurate digital scales for use in part counting, inventory and stock control processes. A counting scale can help you quickly and accurately count a large number of identical parts or components. Whether for incoming or outgoing stock, counting scales ensure you have the correct number of parts needed for your application.

Modern counting scales work in the same way, a sample of parts (10, 20 or 50) are weighed on to the scales and the scales will then calculate an average piece weight of each part. A large box or container of parts can then be placed on to the scales to display the total count of parts.

We stock precision counting scales with increments down to 0.001g, standard counting scales in capacities ranging from 3kg to 30kg, mid-range floor type counting scales in capacities up to 300kg and a selection of duel counting scales which can be used to count parts on pallets or stillage’s. Duel platform counting scales can be linked to either a standard 3000kg pallet scale, weigh beams or a ‘U’ Frame scale.

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