Dini Argeo LTP Hydraulic Weighing Kit for Forklift Trucks

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The Ideal Solution to Weigh on the Forklift and Save Time and Money!

Easy to install, it is connected to the hydraulic system with a simple tee connector.  Ideal for simple weight checks, control of goods in and out of the warehouse, prevention of overloading of the forklift and racking.



The Dini Argeo LTP is the kit that allows you to integrate weighing on the forklifts in a simple and cost-effective way. It meets the need to weigh
the material handled directly on the spot, thus saving time and reducing the traffic in the warehouse. The compact display can be installed inside the cabin to ensure a clear weight display.

Increase Safety
It alerts the operator to forklift overloads and helps to monitor the weight loaded on the racking, thus preventing overturning and failure.

Weigh Goods Being Lifted
Ideal to know the weight of the packages loaded on the truck and of incoming and outgoing goods.

LPT Extends the Life of the Forklift
Moving to a traditional scale is no longer needed and this reduces significantly the daily travels.

Weight Indicator

  • Digital specific weight indicator for weighing by means of hydraulic pressure sensor.
  • Operating modes selectable directly by the user, by means of a dedicated key:
    – Net/Gross
    – lb/kg conversion
    – Free conversion factor (for meter counting systems, litre counters, etc.)
    – Weight totalisation
  • ABS enclosure with 25mm back-lit LCD display with 6 high contrast digits and icons to indicate active functions.
  • Waterproof functional keypad with 5 keys.
  • Power supply from 4 AA batteries, also rechargeable or from the forklift.
  • Available with thermal printer and power supply from the forklift.

Hydraulic Pressure Sensor

  • Max. capacity 4.000 PSI / 280 BAR.
  • Precision: from 0,5% to 5% of capacity, min. 20 kg (this value can be influenced by several factors, please refer to the manual for more information).
  • 6m shielded connection cable with removable connector.
  • Stainless steel execution.
  • IP65 protection rate.
  • Hydraulic connector: 1/4″ parallel BSP.

Fixing Bracket for Display
Equipped with fixing bracket on forklift, vertically tilting and swivelling. Universal compatibility with most forklifts.

Display Options
LTP – Hydraulic weighing kit for forklifts. The kit includes: Pressure sensor up to 4.000 PSI / 280 BAR, adjustable fixing bracket and weight indicator powered by AA batteries or from the forklift (to be combined with a dedicated power supply unit).

LTPKPXP – Hydraulic weighing kit for forklifts with thermal printer. The kit includes: Pressure sensor up to 4.000 PSI / 280 BAR, adjustable fixing bracket and weight indicator with power supply from the forklift (to be combined with dedicated power supply).

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