Dini Argeo KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales

From: £790.00

KSD digital bench scales available in standard and trade approved version.

The KSD digital bench scales from Dini Argeo are characterized by a solid and versatile stainless steel body with a large weigh plate.
The new multifunctional programme allows the operator to choose the desired mode to carry out checks, piece-counting, percentage weighing and totalisation.
The long lasting battery power supply and the lateral handles allow an easy transport of the scale directly where it is necessary.

The colour changing display makes the KSD bench scales the perfect solution for check weighing with target weights for high and low tolerances..


Technical Features

  • Stainless steel digital scales body, resistant and easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel load plate, and easily cleanable stainless steel enclosure. Dimensions 250mm x 340mm.
  • Aluminium load cells.
  • 40mm LCD display, with different backlight colours.
  • Waterproof keyboard and multifunctional programme.
  • IP44 protection.
  • Non-slip adjustable feet.
  • Ergonomic lateral handle.
  • Level positioned under the plate.
  • Serial port RS232 for connection to Pc or printer.
  • Digital scale power supply: internal rechargeable battery (operating time 40h approximately) or external power supply/battery charger.

Main Certifications

  • KSD scales certificates are:
    – EU Type Examination Certificate (45501:2015)
    – OIML R76

I/O Section

  • Bidirectional port RS232/C, programmable for connection to printer/labeller, or for printer attached to the indicator.
  • Bidirectional port RS232/C (RS485 optional) programmable for PC, PLC, additional remote display or radio modem. RJ connector for rapid linkage.

Selectable Functioning Modes

  • Through the specific key, it is possible to choose the desired functioning mode:
  • Selectable Functions:
    – High resolution visualization x 10.
    – Precision weighing by standard weight (for internal use).
    – Net/Gross, or lb/kg conversion.
    – Weight totalization.
    – Formulation.
    – +/- check
    – Percentage weigh.
    – Approved weight transmission to PC/PLC or printer.
    – Piece counting.
    – Hold

Other Standard Functions:
Zeroing, Tare, Pre-set tare, Automatic tare, Auto switch-off.

Please click here for the Dini Argeo KSB series bench scales datasheet …..

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

KSD6C6 3/6kg x 0.5/1g, KSD6 3/6kg x 1/2g, KSD15 6/15kg x 2/5g, KSD30 15/30kg x 5/10g, KSDC6-M 3/6kg x 0.5/1g Trade Approved, KSD6-M 3/6kg x 1/2g Trade Approved, KSD15-M 6/15kg x 2/5g Trade Approved, KSD30 15/30kg x 5/10g Trade Approved

Calibration Certificate:

No, Yes