“CheckTool” and “E-CheckTool Enterprise”: Software to Optimise the Weighing Results

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Programming software which allows to optimise the weighing results.



  • CHECKTOOL and E-CHECKTOOL ENTERPRISE are programmes which allow to quicken the configuration for static or dynamic weighing on belt; advanced calculation functions allow the processing of the weighs made during the testing of the system, in order to improve the precision and repeatability of the scale.
  • CHECKTOOL and E-CHECKTOOL ENTERPRISE are particularly suitables for quickly finding the best configuration of dynamic systems with a high number of packs per minute, or in systems in which the space for weighing is very small.
  • Furthermore, all the configurations can be memorised in order to be quickly loaded on the instruments.


  • Automatic calculation of the positioning, weighing, and cadence times, through the entry of the data into the system.
  • Automatic optimisation of the weighing calculation parameters
  • Graphic report of the weighs, with indication of the calculated weight, of the weighing time and of the number of points used for the acquisition.
  • Visualisation of the best points for calculating the weigh
  • Graphic selection of the weighing area
  • Storage of the configurations and of the weighs.
  • Processing of the stored weighs, for calculation of filter parameters
  • Verification of the correct functioning of the automation relays.
  • Control of the tolerance relays (for the checkweigher).
  • Reading of the status of the instrument inputs.
  • Simulation of the photo cells and of the consensus.
  • Animated diagram


  • Pentium 4 with 256Mb Ram;
  • 20 MB of free space on disk;
  • Windows XP operating system;
  • Monitor with 1024×768 minimum resolution
  • One RS 232 serial port;

Please click here for the CheckTool Software to Optimise the Weighing Results Datasheet…