Single Product Dosage In Unloading Functions

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Configuration which allows to manage a dosage system in unloading of a single product, useful for dividing the quantity of materials of equal weight or extract precise quantities from the silo, with management of the reloading.



  • Database of 40 formulas with target, speed change threshold, flight, +/- tolerance.


  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle and introduction / selection formula.
  • Quick switch of the dosage target, through a dedicated key.
  • Quick introduction and selection of the dosage data, only for models with numeric keyboard


  • Serial communication protocol for programming the formulas, the products and managing the cycle.
  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle through external inputs.
  • Formula selection through 2 external inputs (only for models with 4 inputs).
  • Dual dosage speed (approximate and fine), through any available contacts or analogue output (in the “AN” models).
  • “Fine” dosage contact active either constantly or intermittently (jogging).
  • Automatic management of the reloading of the silo using a dedicated contact.
  • Indication of weight within tolerance, out of tolerance, finished dosage, or alarm through any dedicated contacts.
  • Analogue output (only for “AN” models) proportional to the weight or to the dosage speed.


  • Automatic dosage in unloading.
  • Automatic printing of the dosage data.
  • Storage and printing of the consumptions. Printouts may be quickly recalled from the keyboard.
  • Automatic correction of the flight weight.
  • Repetitions of the programmable dosage cycles; infinite cycle function.
  • Tolerance test on the dosed weight, with guided correction on display.
  • Control of the maximum dosage time.
  • Alarms indication on display.


  • 1. Once the dosage start command is received, the instrument:
    – verifies that the quantity of material is sufficient to execute the programmed dosage cycle and that the weight is stable,
    – executes the automatic tare and the enabling of the automation through its dedicated outputs: the dosages start at maximum speed.
  • 2. Once the speed switch threshold is reached, the dosage slows down through its dedicated output.
  • 3. When the TARGET is reached and the configured flight weight is missing, it disables the dosage output, and then it waits (for the configured time) for dropping the material.
  • 4. Tolerance test on the dosed weight.
  • 5. Storage of the formula consumptions and increment of the dosed general total.
  • 6. Waits for the start of the new dosage or automatically restarts with the following cycle.

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