TE Series Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe ATEX Scale Base

From: £805.00

Dini Argeo TE Series stainless steel intrinsically safe ATEX scale base with single load cell.

Small and medium capacity electronic platforms, having a precise and sturdy structure, are particularly suitable for all types of industrial and commercial applications in which it’s necessary to work in environments with strict hygiene requirements.


ATEX TE Series stainless steel scale base supplied with CCATEX certification for single load cell platform.

Main Features

  • Functions with an approved “single point” STAINLESS STEEL load cell according to OIML R60 standards with protection against dust and water splashes according to IP67 standards.
  • Structure with tubulars, mechanics, trinkets and loading surface in AISI304 satin finish stainless steel.
  • Fitted with adjustable STAINLESS steel feet with plastic resting surface and level.
  • Up to 15 Vdc power supply.
  • Shielded 3m connection cable with connectors for connection to the indicator.

Options for ATEX Version

  • CCATEX: ATEX certificate for each load cell.
  • DCATEXMECH: ATEX declaration for the PLATFORM (for the load cells ATEX declaration see CCATEX-1 code). Option to be offered only if the platform is ordered without the indicator, if so, refer to the chosen weight indicator available certifications.


  • Special sizes and capacities.
  • Structure in AISI316 stainless steel.
  • Fully-welded IP68/IP69K stainless steel load cell, specific for use in wet environments.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg

TSE3ATEX 3kg x 0.5g – 230mm x 330mm, TSE6ATEX 6kg x 1g – 230mm x 330mm, TSE15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 230mm x 330mm, TTE6ATEX 6kg x 1g – 330mm x 330mm, TTE15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 330mm x 330mm, TTE30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 330mm x 330mm, TQE15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 400mm x 400mm, TQ30EATEX 30kg x 5g – 400mm x 400mm, TQE60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 400mm x 400mm, TQE150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 400mm x 400mm, TME30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 400mm x 500mm, TME60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 400mm x 500mm, TME150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 400mm x 500mm, TCE60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 500mm x 500mm, TCE150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 500mm x 500mm, TLE60ATEX 60kg 10g – 500mm x 600mm, TLE150ATEX 150kg 20g – 500mm x 600mm, TLE300ATEX 300kg x 50g – 500mm x 600mm, TXE60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 600mm x 600mm, TXE150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 600mm x 600mm, TXE300ATEX 300kg x 50g – 600mm x 600mm, TGE150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 700mm x 700mm, TGE300 300kg x 50g 700mm x 700mm, TGE600 600kg x 100g – 700mm x 700mm