Resolution Dimensioning – some FAQs

Whether you’re working in freight, logistics, warehousing, or stock control, the Resolution series will provide you with fast, accurate and affordable weighing and dimensioning that will drive efficiency and cost-saving for your business.

We are often asked questions about Resolution Dimensioning, so we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

The most frequently asked questions about Resolution Dimensioners

1) Where are Resolution Dimensioning Solutions used?
Our systems are used all over the world. We have over 300 installations in over 25 countries. Some of our larger clients include DHL, Skynet, Scott Bikes, Watsons, Aramex, Ptt, and Logis Express, the largest logistics company in Mexico.

“Our revenue has increased substantially – between 5% & 35%, about 8% overall. The machines require little to no maintenance and 15 mins of training to figure out!”
Managing Director, Logis Express

2) What is the estimated lead time?
Depending on the exact order details, the Resolution Camera, Barcode Reader (if required) and Label Printer (if required) can be supplied in approximately 1-3 weeks.

3) How can I integrate Resolution Dimensioners with my system/software?
Our API is the very best in the industry! All you need to do is to establish a web service connection to the Dimensioner then request data and receive a response. You can do this very quickly in any programming language. Our team is happy to help and provide examples if needed. Our devices can behave as a client and send results automatically to your database.

4) Does your quote include IT/Software integration, and remote set-up & configuration?
Yes, we do not charge any extra for the initial remote setup and software support.

5) How do I trigger a measurement?
Resolution dimensioners support multiple triggering options including manual, automatic, scanner, scale and via our powerful API. For a manual measurement, the user presses “Measure” on the touchscreen. With a scanner, the user scans a barcode and a measurement is triggered. With a scale, whenever an object is placed on the scale, a measurement is triggered. In automatic mode, every object is automatically measured when they are placed in the measurement area.

6) Can I scan barcodes?
Yes, a barcode scanner is always quoted with Resolution. You can set a delay between the scan event and the dimension measurement to give the operator time to get out of the way! Watch this video to see how barcode scanning works and how the ID from the barcode is shown on the screen and recorded. This video also shows what the standard screen looks like with a live video feed and dimensions, weight and other information.

7) Can I integrate it to a scale?
Yes! Resolution dimensioners are designed to work with scales. You can use RS232 to feed weight data from almost any scale to the dimensioner.

8) Can I integrate it with a label and barcode printer?
Yes! Resolution can print labels and measurement-specific barcodes if connected to a Zebra brand barcode printer via USB. For any other barcode printers, please get in touch with us.

9) What is the best way to get reports from the system?
Resolution is designed for flexibility and ease of use. You can download measurement results to your PC as an Excel file, you can browse results in any standard browser, you can receive results via RS232 or with web-service communication via the Ethernet. You do not need to install a single piece of software, everything can be done via your browser.

10) Can I calibrate the Dimensioner?
Thanks to our patented 3D measurement technology, calibration is as simple as it gets. There is no need for any additional equipment. All you need to do is mount the device and point it downwards towards the measurement surface, connect it to the monitor (or use your browser to control the device) and then follow our single click calibration method as described in the User Manual.

11) How often do I need to calibrate the Dimensioner?
Only once! You don’t need to recalibrate unless you change the position of the dimensioner.

12) How can I mount the Dimensioning Camera?
Mounting is easy. There are 4 screw holes and we provide a simple connection bracket that can be used to mount the dimensioner to industry standard profiles.

13) Are there any additional costs?
Our quotation will cover hardware and all software licenses required for Resolution. Our licenses are lifetime licenses so there are no ongoing software costs. The quote does not cover any framework or support structure for the camera or any physical installation, although we can offer both and would be happy to quote separately. We normally advise on the best positioning and height requirements and find that customers prefer to mount the camera themselves. Other costs not included as standard on our quotation are shipping and additional hardware such as PCs, ethernet cable etc.

14) What is the warranty?
We offer a 1 year back to base warranty on the camera and we provide unlimited remote software support for initial setup and troubleshooting during this warranty period. The warranty can be extended after the first year at a cost of £1,250 + VAT per year. This covers the camera parts and unlimited remote support labour. As long as there is no break in renewals (i.e. the warranty is extended every year) then it can be extended an unlimited number of times.

View the Resolution Dimensioning models on our website here.

We hope we have answered some of your questions above but if you have any other queries or need some more info please drop our team an email or give us a call on +44 (0)2476 593500.