New software solution driving continuous improvement at Midland’s based weighing company

Coventry Scale Company has developed a brand-new automated cloud-based software solution that has completely transformed how it securely records and stores its customer and asset data, plus manages calibration and service work.  

Called ScaleCal, the company developed the software after the team couldn’t find a suitable platform on the market that would effectively hold all their customer and calibration data in one place. The software, which has been designed by the team at Coventry Scale Company and developed with 10 Digital, an independent software company, securely streamlines all of the company’s service and calibration work, including its customer and asset data.

Built for Android, the software has a wide range of user-friendly features, allowing the team to edit and add customer data, list, view and edit all scale data, for all customers. This has removed the need to use multiple digital platforms and eliminated any lengthy paper-based processes. It means they can now issue calibration certificates to customers instantly, assign work to a team of engineers based on location, and record service and maintenance work, all in one place. The software is already enhancing the service they provide to their customers, as well as driving business productivity, accuracy, and reducing wasted time and cost.

Tom Marren, managing director at Coventry Scale Company Ltd, explains: “We’re always looking to continuously improve the service we provide to our customers, as well as ensure the work we do is accurate and to the excellent standard our customers have come to expect from us. It’s essential that our customer’s weighing equipment is precise, so having the technology in place to support our knowledge and expertise, and our products, is important to us, and why we were keen to design a platform that helps our business to do just that.

“During the development stages we were able to ‘test drive’ the software with the team at Coventry Scale Company as well as stakeholders across the industry. We’re now using ScaleCal as part of our business operations and we’re already seeing the benefits. From assigning work to our engineers to recording calibration data and service updates, the software is already strengthening the service we’re providing to our customers.”