Rice Lake iDimenson Introduced to the UK

Coventry Scale Company has introduced the iDimension 100, from Rice Lake Weighing Systems, to the UK.

Offering the fastest solution for calculating NTEP certified dimensions of boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and other irregular-shaped packages, the iDimension 100 – 3D imaging and dimensional measuring system – is now available to UK companies, via the Coventry based industrial and commercial weighing equipment suppliers.

The iDimension 100 has been comprehensively designed to ensure freight compliance and reduce revenue loss from miscalculated dimensions in retail, office and shipping environments, allowing companies to improve processing time and efficiency.

idimension 100

Neil Keegan, Technical Director, Coventry Scale Company, comments: ‘The iDimension 100 really does what it says on the tin. The technology allows for a more convenient, faster and reliable production line, even for the ‘tricky to measure’ packages. Giving businesses no risks and all the benefits.’

The, easy-to-set up and use, system offers an intelligent operator display directly attached, eliminating the need for a PC interface. A truly plug in and go product – simply open, assemble and display dimensions, instantly! What’s more, Rice Lake has even produced an easy-to-follow, step-by-step set up video for you to follow.

The iDemension 100 provides industry leading 0.2 second NTEP accuracy, revealing parcel dimensions in less than 2/10th of a second and uneven shapes to 0.5 in NTEP certified cube dimensions. Features / Benefits also include:idimension 100XL With Touchscreen Display

  • Easy Setup – plug in and go!
  • Innovative Technology – multi patented, innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging combine to optimise time and thru put.
  • Operator Display – attached and ready to go with length, width and height measurements.
  • Operating Versatility – improve process time and efficiency with virtually no special alignment or handling.
  • Speed and Accuracy – faster and more accurate than manual measurements, eliminating the risk of human error.
  • Advanced Data Management – configurable to third-party software programmes to capture dimensions, weight and item image, thanks to the simple, open-web service API.
  • Shipping and Warehouse Management Software Compatibility

Take measurements to a new dimension with Rice Lakes’ iDimension 100.