Weighing in to back Coventry’s 2021 bid

Coventry based weighing scale company is the latest business to back the city’s bid to become City of Culture 2021. Coventry Scale Company Ltd, who has been in business in the city for more than 40 years, believes that winning the bid will boost Coventry’s economy and encourage more skilled people to come to work and live in the city. 

Tom Marren, from Coventry Scale Company Ltd, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to back the bid. Coventry is a great city and one that the whole team at Coventry Scale Company love, live and work in. So to see it win the bid to become City of Culture 2021 will be fantastic.

“It will boost Coventry’s economy, drive employment and encourage more skilled professionals to come and live and work in the city. In addition, it’ll improve the lives of the younger generation and give the city the recognition it deserves.”

A family owned company established in 1975, Coventry Scale Company Ltd supplies industrial weighing equipment and solutions to a number of industries including automotive, food production, agriculture, laboratory and logistics.