UCS 300kg x 0.1kg Hanging Scale

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The UCS is a light weight, compact 300kg portable hanging scale, specifically designed for mobile weighing applications.


The UCS is the ideal crane scale for mobile weighing. With its light weight and compact design the UCS hanging scale can simply slip it to your pocket. Using 3 x AA batteries the UCS can be used 24 hours a day without having to recharge. The 300kg hanging scale can be used for many different applications, included laundry, wholesale, manufacture and many more.

◆ Aluminium die-casting case
◆ 20mm LCD display with back-light
◆ Stainless steel shackle and hook
◆ AA*3 battery
◆ Capacity: 300kg

◆ Zero ◆ Battery supervision
◆ Tare ◆ Overload alarm
◆ Hold ◆ Unit switch
◆ Auto power-off

Accuracy class OIML III
Tare range 100%F.S.
Zero range 4%F.S.
Safe overload 120%F.S.
Overload alarm 100%F.S.+9e
Battery AA*3
Battery life >100h
Temperature range -10℃~40℃

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Weight 2.0 kg
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