Option Box with OBCLT Control Light

From: £374.00

Option Box with 3-way control light with programmable acoustic signal, bar graph controller, attachable to DFW and 3590 series’ indicators. The control light allows to independently manage the 3 LUMINOUS AREAS and the BUZZER, using the TTL logic.



  • Luminous indication with 3 groups of 15 Leds each
  • Acoustic indication through buzzer
    Power supply: from 5,5 to 7,5 Vdc
  • Absorbed Maximum current: 320 mA (all areas turned on + buzzer)
  • Absorbed Typical current: 140 mA (only one area turned on)

Please click here for the Option Box with OBCLT Control Light Datasheet…

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg

OBCLTI – Stainless steel 3 way control light (for indic. with relais output), OBCLTP – ABS 3 way control light (for indicator with relais output).

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