Dini Argeo 6116EVO Industrial Touch Screen PC with Integrated Scale Input

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Dini Argeo 6116EVO industrial touch screen PC with AISI304 stainless steel case, IP67 protection rating, specific for harsh industrial environments. High performance Intel processor and up to 3 scale inputs.

Even More Compact and Powerful
6116EVO is the new Dini Argeo industrial PC for harsh industrial environments, completely redesigned to be even more compact and performing.
With its new AISI304 stainless steel casing, it is 50% more compact than the previous version. Equipped with a tilting table or wall bracket and VESA rear mount compatible with most of the mounts on the market.
New high-performance capacitive multi-touch touchscreen display, also suitable for outdoor use.


Technical Features

  • High performance Intel processor.
  • Dini Argeo AFxxPC or Windows 10 IoT operating system preinstalled in English (other languages downloadable for free).
  • Capacitive touch screen display, suitable for use with gloves and in the presence of water/condensation.
  • Size 10.1″, resolution 1280x800px, suitable for outdoor viewing (800 Nits).
  • RAM 4GB DDR3L.
  • Data storage SSD M.2 64GB.
  • Fanless technology, without cooling fans.
  • AISI304 stainless steel case with adjustable tilt.
  • Standard ergonomic bracket for bench use or wall mounting.
  • VESA mount (available on 6116EVO and 6116-PC).
  • Industrial communication ports with IP67 protection.
  • IP67 stainless steel valve to regulate humidity and pressure inside the case.
  • IP67 overall protection rating.
  • Operating temperature: -20/60°C, -10/40°C for legal-for-trade use.
  • Dimensions: 385mm x 295mm x 184 mm.
  • Power supply 110/240Vac.

Optional Application Programs

  • AF01PC – Totalization;
  • AF02PC – Counting;
  • AF03PC – weighbridge, first/second weighing;
  • AF04PC – Statistical check;
  • AF05PC – Labelling;
  • Main functions
    – Up to 10.000 memories;
    – 2 lists of memories exportable to USB key or network folders;

Upon Request
Reading, writing and sharing archives to SQL databases.

Available Inputs/Outputs

2 panel USB 2.0 ports.
1 panel Gigabit-Ethernet port, 10/100/1000 Mbps.
1 internal Gigabit-Ethernet port, 10/100/1000 Mbps.
1 internal Display Port.
1 internal HDMI port.
– 2 internal USB 3.0 ports;
– 1 internal RS232 serial port (DB9);
– 1 internal USB 3.0 port;
– 1 internal RS232 serial port (DB9);
– Up to 3 scale inputs or 1 high-speed input (up to 2600Hz);
– 2 internal USB 3.0 ports;
– 1 certified scale input for approved systems;
– 2 digital inputs;
– 2 digital outputs;

Scale Input

  • 6116EVO:
  • Weighing electronics: Built-in XCore converter.
  • Weight reading inputs: 3.
  • Operating modes:
    – Digital junction box (up to 3 load cells);
    – Single scale;
    – Multi-scale up to 3 scales;
  • Connectable load cells: up to 8 of 350 Ω.
  • Selectable sampling rate: up to 2600 conv./sec.
  • Communication protocol:
    – Modbus RTU;
  • 6116EVO-DGT:
  • Weighing electronics: Weight indicator with built-in Alibi Memory and CE-M EN 45501 certification, OIML R-76, OIML R-61 (MID), OIML R-51 (MID), Australian approval (NMI S788). Rear viewable scale display.
  • Weight reading inputs: 1.
  • Operating modes:
    – Single scale;
  • Connectable load cells: up to 8 of 350 Ω.
  • Selectable sampling rate: up to 400 conv./sec.
  • Communication protocol:
    – ASCII standard;
    – ASCII with continuous sending;
    – Modbus RTU;

Models Available



6116EVO4X        3695€ with DGT4X motherboard to manage up to 4 scales + 4 cable glands (“blind” version)


6116EVO4X – with DGT4X motherboard to manage up to 4 scales + 4 cable glands (“blind” version)
6116EVO-1– High performance industrial touch screen PC, stainless steel IP67 with 3 high-speed XCore scale inputs and Windows 10 operating system.
6116EVO4XBK – with DGT4X motherboard to manage up to 4 scales + 4 cable glands + display and keyboard in the back

Please click here for the Industrial touch screen 6116EVO datasheet…


Additional information

Weight 12.0 kg

6116EVO4X, 6116EVO-1, 6116EVO4XBK

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